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Q     What is the address of your Company Headquarters?

A     Our offices and Warehouse are situated in Coleshill , the  address is W.T.Clark & Co (Brushes)LTD , Unit 31, Coleshill Industrial Estate,Station Rd, Coleshill, Birmingham,  North Warwickshire . B46 1 JP

Q     Is it possible to collect purchases from the Company, or to make purchases on site ?

A    Yes we have a shop on the premises which is open from Monday to Thursday from 9.00pm to 4.00 pm. You can call us in advance if you have an order you wish to collect on 01675 463096.

Q    Can I open a trade Account with you ?

A    Not possible with us, we are a purely on line “pay as you go” entity trading solely on the internet. However if you are a retailer or in business then it is possible that our sister company A E Southgate Ltd would open an account for you, subject to the usual credit checks.  If you wish to take this further then we suggest you email the Sales Director.

Q   What are your most popular lines, what would you recommend a prospective customer to try out first ?

A    On our D.I.Y Brush range our Decorator Brush has been highly popular for years and are modestly priced bearing in mind their quality.The best quality decorating brush is undoubtedly the professional which are hand made for us in Stoke Prior, this superiority is reflected in their higher price. 

If you are an Artist , or a confectioner then you should try our our pure red Sable artist brushes and perhaps the very popular Golden Synthetic Brush range.  Both represent outstanding value for money but the pure Red Sable is a fantastic saving on normal retail prices, especially as they are hand made for us by craftsmen in Southern Ireland to the most exacting specification.  As an Artist why not check out our good value Masking Tape to hold your watercolour paper flat.