There is little doubt that fingernail art has become increasingly popular in recent years.

With the increase in demand for these types of services, it's important that those undertaking the work get access to the right art supplies given that a simple nail brush (such as those to be found in any nail polish container) just isn’t good enough to perform this most detailed form of nail art.

With that in mind, here are some of the brushes that might help those getting started:

Standard flat brush:

Helping to deliver a consistent coat as a background on the nail, a standard flat brush in a smaller size is often one of the best ways to complete a perfect manicure. Some of the best nail artists opt for these professional tools because they create a very consistent coat over the nail bed.

Fine round:

These types of brushes are great for working with nail polish and are generally made with a synthetic hair. Given the fine point on these brushes they are often used in model making and for when very fine detailing is required such as when creating hair on portraits. These items work particularly well when working on very small canvases and they can create small and detailed writing or images even on a fingernail.

Fine flat:

This brush generally resembles the look of a very small highlighter or pen tip. It's a fairly skinny brush and it has bristles which are usually made of synthetic materials. These brushes are great for filling in lines and creating more complex patterns with nail art. Originally these types of brushes were designed for calligraphy and word art but they work very well with nail art too.

So, there you have it, keep these top brush styles in mind if you decide to get involved.

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