If you love painting more modern art style portraits in a “pop art” or “anime” style, you're going to need the right types of brushes.

Pop art and anime or comic style art requires detailed black outlines around many of the target objects. This is definitely possible with acrylic paint but not always easy without the right brushes. Here are some of the top brushes you need to invest in for creating pop art/anime style art:

Angled flat brush:

An angled flat brush that is designed using synthetic materials can often be one of the best options for creating pop art. Part of the reason for this has to do with the angle available on the brush resembling something like a sharpie. Sharpies are commonly used in the early sketches of pop art and comic books for handling outlines so you can create a similar look with this style brush.

Rigger style brush:

A rigger style brushes perfect for smaller details. A nice rigger style brush can be the perfect choice for doing quick outlines along very fine details in the image.

Standard flat:

A standard flat brush is perfect for delivering a consistent coat along the sections you block off during tracing. This is one of the most ideal ways that you can fill in the sections of the pop art so that it can come together in stylized format.

Fine round:

Fine round brushes can be the best option for completing a number of details such as adding in dotting for texture, tracing fine black lines around objects and even adding in traced text for speech bubbles. A fine round brush is really designed for the up-close details utilized in pop art/Anime style.

Keep some of these top art brushes in mind as you are attempting to create Anime Style or pop art creations. These brushes will make the process much easier!

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