If you are going to invest in a nice set of brushes for your artwork, it's extremely important that you take good care of them. Some of the world's nicest brushes are very resilient but they do still require proper care. High quality artist brushes like the ones that Best Artist Brushes do sometimes take some extra consideration with cleaning and storage. Here are some top tips on how to take better care of your brushes when you are considering some of the higher quality items from our store:

Always clean up your brushes immediately:

After you are done painting for a session, you need to make sure that you can clean your brushes as soon as possible. Even if you are switching brushes when painting with acrylic paints, try to clean off the old brushes soon as possible or you could be investing in a brand-new brush very soon.

Try out shampoo between uses:

if your brushes are going to be sitting for a while, you should consider even shampooing animal hairbrushes with lukewarm water to keep them as fresh as possible. Dishwashing liquid or glass cleaner can also remove excess paint and difficult messes from your brushes too. In some cases using shampoo can be one of the most effective ways to clean your brushes back to their original condition.

Focus on cleaning the base of bristles:

The base near the tip of bristles is the toughest point to clean. This area needs to be scrubbed out however as paint will build up over time and compromise the shape of the brush.

Store brushes dry:

It can be very tempting to consider storing your brushes in water between painting sessions. Instead of keeping them in paint thinner or water you should strongly consider cleaning out the bristles and then drying your brushes thoroughly between painting sessions. Storing your brushes in water or vertically can damage the bristles or cause the brushes to lose shape. Always store them dry and horizontally, in a case/ drawer or pouch if possible.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind when you are maintaining your brushes so that you can have your art brushes last longer.

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