When many people get started with painting they end up using the same dry brush techniques that many of us learn when using an ordinary paintbrush. Evolving as an artist means trying out different techniques and whilst you can have a lot of fun with just a dry brush and some acrylic paint, you may want to experiment with some new techniques.

Here are some top methods you can use for paint application with some of our Best Artist Brushes:

Dry brush: The traditional means of brushing various acrylic paints on a canvas or paper. This is one of the most traditional forms of painting.

Wash style brushing: You can treat acrylic paints somewhat similarly to watercolours and dilute paint with water. Watering down acrylic paint can add a bit of transparency to it and by mixing together a washing technique with the dry brush method you can create several different textures.

Stippling: This technique is derived from drawing with charcoal or artist materials. The idea is to create a painting of many small dots that create the unique texture, and this type of paint application is perfect for drawing leaves and other textured pieces in a painting.

The Flick: A flick technique can work to create a unique splatter on an artwork, and can be perfect for creating stars and constellations or perhaps even for a completely abstract work with some texture.

Dabbing: A dabbing motion is best done using a sponge brush or even a large paper towel in conjunction with your brush. This type of approach can create extra texture in the piece. You can also dab with a large fan brush or a large round brush but these cannot produce the same types of subtle textures a foam brush can.

A detailed stroke: If you need assistance applying details such as reflections or the accents in any piece you should consider using acrylic primer and small detail brushes. A detailed stroke will be very different from other types and you will want to choke up on the brush and use it more like a pencil.

So, keep some of these top techniques in mind for applying paint in various formats for texturing with your art! If you would like to know more about what we have in stock or on a specific product, please call us on +44 (0)1675 462044 or CLICK HERE to contact us.

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