If you are a big tabletop gamer or even a Dungeons & Dragons player, “miniatures” are a big part of the gameplay style. If you are, great, if not, maybe after reading this who knows what might happen!

What so many players and dungeon Masters often find themselves doing is customising their miniatures. In order to professionally paint miniatures and make them look their best however you need the right artist brushes.

Here are some examples of the best artist brushes for painting small miniatures for board games:

Sable hair pointed round brushes
A pointed round brush, or a detail round brush made of Sable hair is usually one of the most useful brushes to start with. These brushes are usually best in size zero to size 1 and they can help deliver the types of details that are required to paint even some of the smallest miniatures available.

Kolinsky sable hair detail round
This style brush is considerably more expensive, but it represents a quality miniature painters brush. These brushes offer good durability and excellent paint holding hair for some of the best miniature painting tools on detailed work. If you're going to regularly be painting, this is one of the best brushes for finer detail.

Squirrel hair pointed round
Squirrel hair holds paint well and offers a cost savings when compared to the first two brushes. This is a brush that you can use for larger details and filling in larger items throughout a miniature.

Mongoose Flat brush
For coating miniatures and doing some dry brushing for textures, this is a great type of brush to use. Mongoose hair offers great durability and value and the flatter style of this brush will lead to consistent coats when you are "clear coating" or adding new textures to miniatures over time.

These three main brushes will serve as some of the best tools that you can use for painting delicate details on any type of s board game miniatures.

So, there you have it!

Try out a few diverse types of brushes to discover the ones that work best for your style. Just call Best Artist Brushes today on +44 (0) 1675 462044 and we’ll be delighted to help.