If you are interested in starting to paint landscapes in the “classical style” with oil paints, there are some standard brushes that can make the process much easier.

Here are some of the top brushes to consider when putting together a landscape painting set:

Long handle Hog bristle:

These brushes are excellent for holding their quality after multiple cleanings and are perfect for the use in oil painting. They are comfortable to hold and offer a very nice response for details like branches and painting leaves. They are also quite reasonable so represent excellent value for artists.

A size 6 synthetic sable brush:

This style of brush is ideal for blending work and for applying touch-ups to a landscape painting. The synthetic style of sable brush will often be just as useful as a branded and more expensive sable brush and of course cheaper.

A size 1 synthetic sable round brush:

 This is an ideal brush for handling details. For many beginner landscape artists and abstract landscape artists, this is often the brush that will be used for finer details across the canvas. Longer handle versions are ideal for full arm strokes without an easel but shorter handled brushes are perfect for standard sized paintings if there is an easel to work with.

Size 1 sable rigger synthetic brush:

This is one of the best brushes for oils in real detail. Some rigger brushes can be found in size one which is a little less expensive than a size 0 used by many experienced artists. This can be the perfect brush for adding details to leaves, to water ripples and more. Consider adding several smaller short handled brushes for improved precision with fine detailed work.

Ultimately this base set will allow the artist to create quality landscapes in oil. By using a long handle hog bristle for most of the work and synthetic sable brushes in assorted sizes to hone in on details, you can produce beautiful artwork!

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